I’m going on a three week road trip trough Europe with my boyfriend today! See you all in late August! :)

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Bye Bye The Sims 4

Bloom everywhere, Bloom, Bloom, Bloom! Take cover all, it’s coming for you!


Can anyone talk to me about this sims 2 ultimate collection thing? What is it, and can you get it if you haven’t registered your stuff through origin? Idk I’m way out of the loop on this one lol.

I guess most of us has retail copies of the games and have to go through EA/Origin Support to get help with registration and thus get eligible for the UC. I read somewhere that they’re working on making it easier though since many has been contacting support chat since they started sending out these emails. So basically you have two options;

1. wait approximately one hour to get in touch with chat support.

2. hold your horses and wait for EA to come up with another solution. No guarantees about how many years that can possibly take.. 

One shouldn’t be surprised anymore when EA decides to do something odd regarding this franchise but I still am. And they obviously have no clue about how many players that have been wanting an Ultimate Collection either since they didn’t come up with a better way to get it. 


I have something to share! I actually saw this in allisas' wishlist, so I made 8 recolors of the Atomic rug from Pets EP. I hope you like it! :D

Credits: RugsUSA

Swatch is included :)


OMG! Thank you! :D I love you <3


My boyfriend is away over the weekend so I’ll take the opportunity to sim for a couple of days straight! :D Starting tomorrow afternoon. Might even do a livestream.. ;)

Yes! Go Germany! :D
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♥ i-mi tagged me, thank you dear! 

If you could design the perfect EP (for any of the games), what would it be?

- Wow, that’s a really tough question. There’s been so many EPs and I’ve loved quite a few of them, seasons and freetime for the sims 2 to name two. I love family and legacy oriented expansions. I’ll say that the perfect EP for me would be an EP that adds weather and lots of stuff to do on your sims spare time! A seasons and freetime expansion pack combined into one and if there could be some farming stuff included with the seasons part I’d buy it in a heartbeat!

Do you like playing challenges or do you find them too restrictive? Which are your favourite challenges?

- I do really but I tend to get stuck in the planning phase, as many others I believe. Setting up a new hood, creating new sims and writing rules and building the perfect lots to go with it. I love the restrictions since it makes the game more challenging. The sims 2 is way easy if you just play it normally. My favorite challenge would be the Build a City Challenge. I’m starting my third BaCC hood right now. :)

Which are your favourite maxis neighbourhoods (in TS2) and/or worlds (in TS3)?

- I’ve not played much with the pre-mades to be fair so I can’t say that my opinion is well grounded but I tend to always come back to Pleasantview whenever I get the urge to try playing/making over the pre-mades.

Do you prefer playing maxis or custom neighbourhoods/worlds?

- Considering my answer to the former question it should come to now surprise that I prefer my own hoods. I enjoy having total control!

What is your favourite aspect of the simming community?

- My absolute favorite thing is that you can be absent for months and then come back and people are always so kind and welcoming you back. We really care about each other, not only about our games. <3

What is your favourite aspect of the game? (gameplay, creating sims, building..)

- I’ve always had a soft spot for building and decorating! I love to create rooms and houses, doing makeovers and creating gardens. 

Do you think you could play the game completely without CC?

- If I had the choice to not play at all or to play without CC I guess I’d play without, probably mostly building since I find it hard to play with the default eyes.. :P Not to mention all the bugs I’d have to live with if I couldn’t have mods to prevent them. EA has never been good at releasing working games..

How long does it take you to build, decorate and make a lot ready for a sim to move in?

- Oh, that totally depends on the type of lot and the size of it. A starter legacy home could take 30 - 60 minutes but a larger family home can take several hours and more than one play session. I don’t think I’ve ever built a lot ready for move-in in less than 30 mins though. x)

Is than any aspect of the game that you wished you enjoyed more?

- Creating CC. I wish I enjoyed and had the patience to learn more things when it comes to creating custom content. I also sometimes wish that I enjoyed gameplay even more to not get stuck in the planning and building phase all the time. :P

What are your hobbies other than simming?

- I enjoy singing, reading, photgraphy, hiking, interior design and I also love sports!


Tamo’s clubmaster glasses converted to The Sims 2. For children to elders, both genders. PSD for recoloring included. Comes in six colors.



Enjoy and let me know if you find any problems/issues.

asgdgsafadfd! Thank you! :D


"Simlish Clubmaster Eyeglasses" by Tamo

Tamo is back!!  Yay!!  :D

I need these in ts2 like right now! :O

I’ve started on a wish list for the sims 2 and added it as a page on my tumblr here. :)