I built a bathroom with my new walls. <3 

Nightlife Mosaic Walls converted to The Sims 4!

They come in all of Anna’s colors. One package file only. :) Let me know if you’re having any troubles with it!

Download | Alternative 

Look I made a wall! :D Nightlife Mosaic in Anna’s colors, soon in your game again..

TSC is back!




In case anyone is interested, I decided to re-open The Sim Circle forum, now geared towards TS4 but still friendly to all versions of the game :)

Stop by and register (and post of course!) and feel free to share suggestions about what you’d like to see on the site this time…

SO EXCITED. And me too w-sims I was Cinders and then I didn’t play for ages and when I came back it was gone and I died.

Cinders, of course! I remember you… it week be so fun to have the gang back together on TSC! I’ve really missed you guys :)

I’m been longing back to the days when I spent hours hanging out at small intimate forums lately. Tumblr is awesome but also a bit elusive. :)

Back in The Sims 2 for some casual building. <33

Jayla, a brand new self-assured sim. :)

Who's interested in a new challenge?


If you’d like to participate in another for-fun challenge on SCP; here are the options for the next one! If you have ideas not outlinedup there, fell free to send submit them.

Option one: rolling a random sim, a random color, and a random outfit type; prepaing a makeover/photoshoot of the sim with at least a visible accent of rolled color, in the rolled outfit type (for example: Lennon Grab, green, formal).

Option two: a challenge similar to Blind Date, except this time going one generation further - roll two random couples, and make their kids get together and have a baby; show off said baby.

Option three: roll a random sim, then pick a lot or apartment among the ones submitted to SCP, and decorate/furnish them to create a living space for rolled sim.

Option four: your suggestions!

Cast your vote simmers and we’ll all do a new fun challenge in a while!






I am SO upset about having just bought 2 monitors from ASUS… I’m contemplating returning them.

This is disgusting, not only to women in general (feminism anyone?) but to simmers.  We spend more money per-year on Sims games than non-simmers do on other types.  Not to mention how we pimp out our computers MORE than other gamers.



the first thing i noticed was totally the fact that the ‘hardcore gamer’ was male and the ‘casual gamer’ was female. and the fact woman and casual gamers and simmers are belittled by the last bullet point. ouch. i’m embarrassed to be using an asus screen right now.

Yo Asus, go fuck yourselves. I’m embarrassed for you right now. Simmers regularly spend small fortunes upgrading their PCs and purchasing expansions and DLC. And we can easily spend a whole weekend playing a Sims game. And we may not play on LAN (who the hell wants to share their Godlike powers to someone else? Yuck) but we enjoy watching the shit out of Livestreams. Not only that, but we can rip that code apart and get more out of the game than EA ever thought possible. 

Plus there’s nothing wrong with casual gaming either. Casual games are fun. That’s why so many people play them. And for many people, especially women, they’re a stepping stone into more serious games that we’ve put off buying precisely because of the anti-woman attitude surrounding the whole industry that you’ve just gone and demonstrated here.

The only fucking reason The Sims series is labelled as “for casuals” is because a majority of its players are women. Fuck you, gaming industry, and fuck you ASUS. I’ve probably played computer games since before whatever young hip dickhead came up with this cutsey little thing was even born, and I’m not that old.

Wow, I’m at loss for words. There are so many wrongs with this ad. Fuck ASUS and fuck this sexist gaming industry. Get a grip!

More adventures in The Sims 4 with my first sim, Roxie Little. She’s adorable and I’m having more fun than I thought I would! :P

I caved.. Too curious to just stay and watch from the side. I still have troubles with the low quality textures and low poly meshes. I may be a snob but I like crispy graphics and that round things are actually, you know, round.

I might play it despite these things, more casually than ts2 in that case. I might also create a ts4 side blog, we’ll see!